Screenwriting tips 2

Spring semester is starting, my screenwriting class in January is over — and things are still settling into place. But let’s talk about how to format scenes in a screenplay.

My professor for my screenwriting class had us download a free trial copy of Final Draft, which is a screenwriting program that will format your screenplay correctly for you. (You can learn more about this at

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Screenwriting tips 1

Hello! Hope your new year is going well, so far. This January, I’m taking an intro to screenwriting class, and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned!

The three act story. While I’m not actually going to write a full three-act screenplay, the structure of one is actually rather important. It looks something like this:

My rough rendition of what the professor drew for us in class

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Life bubble 3

Sunset over Loon Cove, as seen during my Thanksgiving break.

Apologies for not posting recently! So many things happened, and are still happening, it’s hard to remember what occurred when. I’ll do my best to give a broad overview. Let’s see…

Almost a month ago, there was a giant storm that knocked out a lot of power in the areas surrounding my college – fortunately, the college didn’t lose power, but the lights flickered quite a bit. A lot of professors brought their kids to campus, because their kids’ schools were closed due to power outages, and quite a few people who didn’t have power came to eat in the dining halls – which were open to them for free.

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Life bubble 2

Hello! It’s been about four weeks’ worth of classes (and I’ve been on campus for a week longer than that, yikes…). And I still have yet to come up with a consistent posting schedule! I really should get on that.

Anyway, as I continue settling in and adjusting to classes, I’ve gotten better at balancing work and play. That’s partly because I have to – most days I spend a good amount of time not in my room, either in class or at work.

I don’t think I’ve talked about my campus job yet! I’m working in the library – the actual title of my position is “stacks maintenance clerk”. My name-tag says “student library assistant”, which is a more accurate description. I spend most of my time processing books (which has slowed down a lot since it’s no longer the start of the semester). Working with books is hard sometimes, since I’m easily distracted by interesting titles and covers.

This is the outside of the main library on campus, where I work:

Miller Library

There are three libraries – there’s a music library and a science library, and then the main one. I still haven’t actually been inside the music or science libraries… I should go check them out sometime.

Aside from work, classes are going well! I had a couple of midterms this past week that went fairly well (especially for first actual tests in college) and I’ve joined a philosophy club run by my philosophy professor (or at least, I went to the first meeting. It was a lot of fun!).

This weekend, the college has arranged for students to go apple picking at a nearby apple farm – my friends and I are going to go. It should be lots of fun, especially since I love apples.

I don’t really have much to say this week – so I hope your week went well! Have a great weekend!

When being sick is useful

I know the title doesn’t make sense, but bear with me. It’ll make sense.

I’m borrowing an instrument from my college so I can play in the wind ensemble. I play bass clarinet. Here is the instrument I’m borrowing from the school:

The college’s bass clarinet.

I borrowed it a few days ago (sans mouthpiece, since the band director couldn’t find the one that went with the rest of the instrument). The other day I went into the music building to retrieve the mouthpiece – the band director bought a new one – and I told him that I was slightly worried about playing because I’m getting a bit sick. At that time, it was all in my throat – fortunately, it’s not really sore anymore. Continue reading “When being sick is useful”

Life bubble 1

Life has been pretty hectic since classes started! And I, naturally, have been doing a lot of thinking as I work on adjusting to college life.

The picture above is from my college campus – that’s Johnson Pond. It’s on the far side from me, but, going to a small school, that isn’t actually too far away. I can walk there in a bit over ten minutes. It takes about half that time to get to my first class, and the nearest dining hall is actually in my dorm building. When that’s closed, the next nearest is only a couple minutes away.

As I’m experiencing independence (and adjusting to it), here are some thoughts I’ve had during the week:

  1. Classes are fun! So far, I’m really enjoying them. Especially my Latin American history class – more on that later.
  2. Lab periods are really long… which will definitely take some getting used to.
  3. Doors get slammed. A lot. Especially since the doors in my dorm building are really heavy – so if you just let go, they’ll slam.
  4. It’s important to not do homework all the time. I knew this already, but it really sank in the first few days of classes.

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Thoughts on social media usage

As I prepare for college, there’s a (somewhat long) list of things I need to get done. One of those things I have to do for orientation this fall is a “first class” assignment. It’s something that first-years have to do, as a sort of preparation for college classes.

My first class assignment is about digital anxiety and social media usage. Since I have to write an essay for this first class, I thought I’d also share my thoughts on the subject here.

I have an interesting relationship with social media. It’s not something I’m terribly interested in, but it is something I have to live with. Social media is widespread and unavoidable, it seems, in this day and age. It took me a while to even get a Facebook account – I didn’t create one until high school. (Likewise for my other social media accounts – not until high school. I preferred my books and writing for entertainment, and still do.) Continue reading “Thoughts on social media usage”