“Into the Drowning Deep” review

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It’s winter break and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my nose in a book. This is the latest one I’ve finished: Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant. If you like scary science fiction… then you’ll probably like this one. Continue reading ““Into the Drowning Deep” review”

“The Book that Matters Most” review

Trying to get back in the swing of things with another post! Anyway, here’s one of the books I read over Thanksgiving break (as mentioned previously):

The Book that Matters Most by Ann Hood

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I don’t think I want to give this book a rating… I think I’m going to move away from that. But I really enjoyed this book, especially considering how I plowed through it in a few hours.


Ava’s twenty-five year marriage has just fallen apart, and her kids are both grown and out of the country, pursuing their own lives. Searching for companionship and a way out of her grief, Ava joins a book club. The book club’s goal for this year is to read one book chosen by each member – and the theme is “the book that matters most”. Ava chooses a book from her childhood – one she’s almost forgotten – that had helped her through the deaths of her mother and sister.

At the same time, Ava’s daughter Maggie is in Paris, entering into a destructive relationship with an older man and with drugs. As Ava searches for the author of her book that matters most, the secrets surrounding Ava’s past are unraveled and offer Ava and Maggie a chance to start over. Continue reading ““The Book that Matters Most” review”

“Hidden Monster” review

I don’t have a picture of this book, since this is another one I read on kindle! So here’s a picture of one of the trails around my college campus. Learn more about this book here.

Another kindle book (that I actually read over the summer): Hidden Monster, by Amanda Strong. It’s a young adult novel, which I usually shy away from (because of the obscene amounts of romance that tend to characterize this genre), but I thought I’d give it a try.

I give it a 3.9 out of 5 stars. Surprisingly.


Seventeen-year-old Samantha Campbell loves to run, as an escape from her life. At least, until she’s abducted one morning and wakes up bound to a mattress. Her masked captor repeatedly injects her and promises that one day, she’ll love him.

Unexpectedly freed, Samantha returns home, intent on guarding her heart – especially since her captor is still out there. This becomes more difficult when she meets her new neighbor, eighteen-year-old Blake Knightley. When she starts to experience strange changes, she realizes her captor may have left her more damaged than she originally thought. Ending up turning to Blake for help, Samantha must discover who the monster really is and what he’s done to her. Continue reading ““Hidden Monster” review”

“The Ice Maiden” review

I don’t have a picture of this book, since I read it on kindle. Find out more about this book here.

Recently I read The Ice Maiden by B. D. Smith. It was an interesting book, especially since I don’t typically read murder mysteries, and I liked it okay.

I give it a 3.9 out of 5 stars. Mostly for plot.


Detective Doug Bateman partners with newly arrived Anne Quinn to solve a homicide in central Maine. As they research the murder of the young woman, it becomes clear that the killer is playing an elaborate, deadly game with them. The killer continues to abduct, torture, and murder young women as Doug and Anne struggle to catch him, showing off his superior intellect; as they investigate, it slowly becomes clear that there might be a deeper purpose behind the homicides. Continue reading ““The Ice Maiden” review”