Comfort reading

Hey! Let’s discuss books. More specifically, those books you always come back to and read over and over and over again. The ones that bring you joy and happiness and leave you with a lovely sense of contentment.

Those books make up my comfort reading.

Earlier I posted a short list of books that fall in this category for me (maybe not so short – some of those were series. Actually, I think most of them were series… I guess that just means I like to read series?). You can find that (relatively short) post here.

And, naturally, there are a couple of simple guidelines for how I choose my comfort books:

  1. I absolutely adore the characters or the world they’re in. Or I love both. Usually, for my comfort books, I love both.
  2. I can finish it and immediately go back to the beginning to reread it – this is a side effect of the first guideline.

Of course, this assumes a few things.

It assumes that the book is well-written. It assumes (for me, anyway) that the characters are intelligent and don’t have a tendency to make stupid choices or mistakes. It assumes the world that’s been created actually makes sense. It assumes there aren’t obvious loopholes in the plot and that the story itself makes sense. And, generally, it assumes there’s a happy ending.

Of the books I listed, the reason they became comfort reading for me boils down to exactly that. I love the characters and the world, the plot makes sense, and I could read and reread those books over and over and over without getting sick or tired of them.

Lately, I’ve been rereading the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. As I continue to adjust to college, I find that reading helps me stay calm and clears my mind. This way, I won’t burn myself out by the end of the week – which has happened before, but I’ve gotten better at carving out time for myself. And the best part about a six-book series is that it takes me a fair amount of time to read:

My copies of the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. I know my shelving is funny – the first book is the far right and the last book the far left

Though I will go visit the college library soon and check out new books to read – I plan to go back to writing book reviews as soon as I find something new to read (that preferably isn’t for class!).

Hope you had a good week and happy reading!

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