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Johnson Pond

Life has been pretty hectic since classes started! And I, naturally, have been doing a lot of thinking as I work on adjusting to college life.

The picture above is from my college campus – that’s Johnson Pond. It’s on the far side from me, but, going to a small school, that isn’t actually too far away. I can walk there in a bit over ten minutes. It takes about half that time to get to my first class, and the nearest dining hall is actually in my dorm building. When that’s closed, the next nearest is only a couple minutes away.

As I’m experiencing independence (and adjusting to it), here are some thoughts I’ve had during the week:

  1. Classes are fun! So far, I’m really enjoying them. Especially my Latin American history class – more on that later.
  2. Lab periods are really long… which will definitely take some getting used to.
  3. Doors get slammed. A lot. Especially since the doors in my dorm building are really heavy – so if you just let go, they’ll slam.
  4. It’s important to not do homework all the time. I knew this already, but it really sank in the first few days of classes.

I’ll just start with the top of that last. Classes are fun. I’m taking Latin American history this semester, which is very cool. It counts as a distribution requirement I need to meet, but aside from that, Latin American history isn’t something I’ve ever really learned. When I’ve learned about ancient history in the past, we never talk about the New World. I’m sure part of that is simply because we don’t know much about the history of the New World.

This is the book I’m currently reading for that class (click here for more information):

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann

I’m actually really enjoying this book. I know pretty much nothing about Latin American history – because we don’t know very much about it. For instance, I had no idea the indigenous peoples genetically engineered corn.

Next point on the list… lab periods are really long. Admittedly, I’ve only been to one lab class, but 3 hours is a really long time to be in one classroom working with one person. Whom you don’t know very well and only just met in that class period. I have another lab period this week, and hopefully I won’t be as drained afterwards.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Third point – doors get slammed. There’s not actually much to say on this point, other than it’s annoying and I’m not entirely sure the people down the hall realize this.

In any case, the sheer frustration my roommate and I share about the door-slamming led her to write this on our door:

It hasn’t worked yet.

And final point! It’s important to not do homework all the time. I’d figured this out during high school, actually, but it was reinforced over the first few days (and first weekend) as I sat down to chip away at the ever-growing pile of work I had. I thought I might go insane. When I made the effort to step back, it helped and I was able to calm down and think more rationally about all I still had left to do.

So really, it’s absolutely imperative to take time for yourself. You can even schedule it in if you need. I like to take the time right after I wake up in the mornings or right before I go to bed at night to do something relaxing. This doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun in the middle of the day – I do that too, but I don’t structure it into my schedule. (Usually my relaxing is reading or writing.)

Hope your weekend went well, and happy rest of the week!

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