Moving past writer’s block

Have you ever been at a point where you’re just stuck and can’t think of what to write – and everything you do write sounds terrible?

Yeah. I’m at that point right now. But I’ve been here before so I know how to get out of it! And I thought I’d share that here.

It’s usually called writer’s block. And I guess I do think of it as writer’s block, though I know I’ve heard other names for it.

There’s really not much to be done about it except powering through and continuing to write. Write even though you think your work is awful. Write whatever random things are in your head. Keep working on your current project – just keep adding words. Chances are, your writing isn’t horrible, and you can always go back and edit. Don’t edit until later, though.

The other option is to take a break. It’s okay to not work on your current project for a few days. Sometimes, breaks are helpful. Over the summer, I took a month off of writing a project – I just wasn’t feeling inspired and needed a break from that one. I wrote another story in that time, and went back to it after a month. And surprise, I was feeling inspired and was able to finish that other project.

That won’t work if you’re writing towards a deadline. For a deadline, it makes more sense to just plow through and revise and edit later.

Right now, I haven’t been pushing myself too hard to find something new to start – college classes start soon! – but I have been looking. My fingers start to itch if I’m not writing something, so I’ll most likely start something new when I find something that speaks to me. (I will discuss inspiration and musings some other time.)

Good luck, and happy writing!

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